About Moon Group of Companies

In 1996, Munir Ahmed Tanoli started business career as a marketing sales person. He lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan since 1990. He got some of his education in Rawalpindi in 1994. In 1997, he founded Moon Traders. Munir Ahmed Tanoli is one of the successful entrepreneurs in paper converting industries. He became businessmen by choice. He is the first person in Pakistan who invented the procedure of converting jumbo Thermal Paper Reel into small paper rolls. He also introduced new variety of packing and labeling. At time when all these rolls were imported from Japan, one could not imagine that all these products can also be made in Pakistan. He worked on it and successfully made all these items in Pakistan. Munir Ahmed Tanoli also involved in construction business, he founded Moon Developers in 2002 and after 4 years he established Ahmed Enterprises. In 2013 he established Moon Web Developers.

Munir Ahmed Tanoli promoted high ethical standard in business. He believes in quality standards. He effectively utilized his expertise and commitment to excellence for himself and for his team.

Munir Ahmed Tanoli led different business delegations to the Far East, UAE, USA, India and United Kingdom. He also attended different business conferences and exhibitions in different countries.

Moon Traders is working in supplying different types of goods to government and multi-nationals. Moon Traders is also a distributor of Hansol Paper in North Pakistan. Today Moon Enterprises is an important manufacturer of Thermal Paper Roll and Fax Roll. Moon Enterprises expanded their distribution network throughout Pakistan.

Moon Group comprises 5 companies.

  • Moon TradersMoon Traders was founded in 1997, the company is involved in trading different products within Pakistan in different cities.
  • Moon DevelopersMoon Developers was founded in 2002 and after 4 years Ahmed Enterprises was established.
  • Moon Web DevelopersMoon Web Developers was founded in 2013. The company is involved in providing web solution, graphic design and web maintenance to different clients not only in Pakistan but also abroad.
  • Ahmed EnterprisesAhmed Enterprises is an import/export company. The company is involved in importing paper from Indonesia and Korea.